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Allianz Joint Mortgage Protection

Allianz is one of the largest insurance companies operating in the UK. They offer a fantastic range of joint mortgage protection plans. To find your best quote please complete the form.

Joint mortgage protection not only covers the policy holder but secures the family and takes away responsibility of the beneficiary. This is one of the easiest ways to lock your future and foresee that your family doesn’t have to pay any debt after you are no longer alive. Allianz has been one of the best insurance providers who have taken up car insurance, home insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance and road side insurance. Allianz Joint Mortgage Protection covers death, critical illness and no income and relieves the family form the burden of the debt.

About Allianz Joint Mortgage Protection

Allianz is a global company which was founded in the year 1891 and deals in insurance, asset management and banking. It has its headquarters in Munich, Germany and is ranked as the 12th largest financial group of the world by the Forbes magazine. It has its branches all over the world and has over 151,340 employees working for them.

Types of Joint Mortgage Protection

Decreasing term insurance: The decreasing term insurance policy pays the amount which is left over. In the vent of illness or death, the loan amount is paid so that there is no burden on the beneficiary. In this type of insurance, the premium amount is slowly reduced as the loan amount also decreases. This insurance only clears the loan and does not pay for anything, unless you have taken up an add-on critical illness policy with the joint mortgage plan.

Level Term Insurance: This acts like most insurance plans and pays out lump sum to the beneficiary when the policy holder dies. This is suitable in interest-only mortgages and in this the premium remains the same. The amount of money paid is the one which was pre-decided at the time of buying the policy.

you can also add critical illness, accident and income protection Cover. The income protection cover makes sure that if you are sick or out of work, the company pays your premium and monthly installments for a year or two (depending upon the policy and the loan amount) and takes of the burden when you need it the most.

Rival Companies

Allianz competes with Halifax and Ageas Mortgage Insurance among other well established financial groups.

Review of Allianz Joint Mortgage Protection

Joint Mortgage Protection reviews are available for insurance but nothing has been written for Allianz Joint Mortgage Protection. You can write your comments and reviews on the link and read different public views on various mortgage insurance companies on link.

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