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Cigna Joint Mortgage Protection

What is a a Mortgage?

A burning issue of our time are mortgages. A mortgage is basically a debt instrument, a mechanism that will oblige the borrower to pay an already established amount of money to the loaner. Mortgage loans are very often in all parts of the world, and it is reported that there are 11.3 million households with mortgage debts in the United Kingdom alone. Mortgages are actually an invention of the capitalistic system, and they are a good thing as long as the borrower can return the money properly. What happens if an individual cannot pay their debt?

The fact is that 32% of all loaners will not be able to repay the money at some point, and then the world will be faced with a crysis. We, at Cigna want to prevent that. For more than 30 years Cigna has been a silent partner with many famous UK brands. Our services range from health and travel insurances, to income and mortgage protection. Mortgage protection is one of our relatively new services. It offers our customers a certain safety when dealing with mortgages. Sleep well, and relaxed with our service.

What is Mortgage Protection Insurance?

Mortgage protection insurance (short MPI) is simply a life insurance that pays your debt if an unexpected event such as death, disability or job loss occurs. Joint mortgages are joined mortgages, usually by a husband and a wife, but it isn't strange to see sibling joint mortgages or similar. The most common reason to get the joint mortgage protection insurance, is the passing away of a partner or something similar.

People elegible for mortgage payment protection should be between 18 and 65 years old. They should live and work permanently in the country in which they want to take the service. They should not be aware of impending unemployment. There are three main types of mortgage protection insurance: disability cover (certified by a doctor; pregnancy is not regarded as disability), unemployment cover (loosing your job, but available for it, and actively searching for one) and the combined (both disability and unemployment cover).

Why Choose Cigna?

There are many companies offering mortgage protection, but why should you choose Cigna? The answer to this question is fairly simple. Our annual revenue is 29.1 billion dolars. We have 35 000 employees in the entire world. Cigna can be found in 30 countries and jurisdictions. We also have two other branches in the United Kingdom. Those would be Cigna Healthcare and Cigna Global Health options.

The housing in the UK is very high at the moment, and it can only go up. Getting a home does not come cheap, and you may have to turn to a mortgage loan. When you already have a loan, splitting the payment can prove to be a crucial step on your way to a life of comfort and enjoyment. Cigna joint protection offers everything you need to live your life without burdains, and focus on many challenges of the modern world. Contact us, at Cigna if you need to talk about this issue, our expert employees will be happy to help.

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