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Eagle Star Joint Mortgage Protection

Who is the Eagle Star?

The eagle star is one of the oldest insurance companies in the United Kingdom. The company was founded in 1904 by Edward Mountain as the British Dominions Marine Insurance Company. It developed rather fast, to acquire the Eagle in 1916, the Sceptre, and the Star in 1917. The name Eagle Star dates back to 1937. It is now owned by Zurich Financial services, as one of their most famous brands. It continues to attract new customers, and offer the best services in the field of insurances.

Shortly about the issue of mortgages

A mortgage is a debt instrument, a mechanism that will oblige the borrower to pay an already established amount of money to the loaner. Mortgage loans are very often in all parts of the world, and it is reported that there are 11.3 million households with mortgage debts in the United Kingdom alone. Mortgages are actually an invention of the capitalistic system, and they are a good thing as long as the borrower can return the money properly. What happens if an individual cannot pay their debt?

Mortgage protection insurance (short MPI) is simply a life insurance that pays your debt if an unexpected event such as death, disability or job loss occurs. Joint mortgages are joined mortgages, usually by a husband and a wife, but it is not strange to see sibling joint mortgages or similar. The most common reason to get the joint mortgage protection insurance is the passing away of a partner or something similar.

There are three main types of mortgage protection insurance: disability cover (certified by a doctor; pregnancy is not regarded as disability), unemployment cover (loosing your job, but available for it, and actively searching for one) and the combined (both disability and unemployment cover).


Eagle star mortgage protection service provides security for the people that you consider dearest by protecting your family home if something happens to you (disability, loss of job or death). We can make a contract according to your demands, ranging from one of the already specified serious illnesses or in the case of an unfortunate event of disablement. The form of the policy is known as the decreasing term insurance. That would mean that the cover reduces over a certain period.

If you need our services or our just want to talk about getting a mortgage protection, feel free to contact us, at Eagle Star. Our experts are waiting for your call.

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