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Bright Grey Joint Mortgage Protection

Bright Grey is run by Royal London and offer a range of comprehensive protection insurance policies. For a free quote please use the form on the right.

Joint Mortgage insurance is essential if you have taken mortgage loan. Bright Grey insurance is one of the best companies which offer decreasing Term insurance which covers for a pre-decided term. It pays back the amount in lump sum if the policy holder dies when the policy is active. This plan value goes on decreasing as the time passes by. The amount of the loan left unpaid after the policy holder is no more, is actually paid by the insurance firm.

About Bright Grey Joint Mortgage Protection

a mutual financial service founded in 1861 with its head quarters in London; Bright Grey is a subsidiary of Royal London Mutual insurance society Limited. It is one of biggest insurance company of UK and has over 3000 employees working for them. The customers of royal London group range over 3 million.

Types of Joint Mortgage Protection

Bright Grey offers decreasing term joint mortgage insurance in which the amount goes on decreasing as the policy matures. It only covers the amount which is left unpaid by the policy holder. The premium however remains constant through out the policy but the amount depends on the sum insured, age, and sex, period of the policy and health condition. You can also include plan like:

Critical Illness: If the policy holder is diagnosed with any critical disease, a lump sum is paid to the beneficiary so that they can pay off the burden of the loan without difficulties.

Terminal Illness: This ensures that amount to be paid on maturity is given when the policy holder is diagnosed of the terminal illness.

Waiver of The Premium: In extreme ill condition, the policy holder may not be able to pay the monthly premiums. In that case, the company pays on your behalf after a deferment period.

Guaranteed Premiums: This ensures that value of premium remains same throughout and only increases if you renew the policy.

Trusts: This can avoid delays in money, and risk of having to pay the inheritance tax.

Rival Companies

Bright Grey Insurance Company competes with Nationwide and Woolwich Insurance.

Review of Bright Grey Joint Mortgage Protection

Bright Grey Insurance mortgage insurance is still out of reviews at link. But you can read about various joint mortgage protection reviews of other firms at link. As a costumer, you are most welcome to write a review of Bright Grey decreasing term mortgage insurance.

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