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NFU Mutual Joint Mortgage Protection

NFU Mutual offer a wide range of life cover and general insurance. One type of protection is joint mortgage cover. To get your free quote please complete the form.

Joint Mortgage protection is the type of insurance policy which covers individuals who take a mortgage loan from a financial institution. Since a joint mortgage is extremely important to cover the policy holder as well as the beneficiary. The insurance company also adds different covers like critical illness and income protection plans so in case if an early sickness or decreased condition, the family can relax from the mortgage loan end. Joint Mortgage plan premiums are decided on the amount to be covered and the age, sex and health status of the policy holder.

About NFU Mutual Joint Mortgage Protection

The National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society has its headquarters at Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Formed in April 1909, it deals in products like Life, pension, general and investment. NFU mutual has its 300 branches all over the United Kingdom and has about 5000 employees working for them.

Types of Joint Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Temporary Assurance: This policy pays out the lump sum if the policy holder dies in the duration of the term of the policy. The starting amount of the cover will stand the same as the loan you have taken plus the interest rate. Also known as decreasing term insurance, the amount of the coverage reduces every month which is done as the loan repayment is done every 30 days. If the policy holder dies, the company shall only pay the outstanding amount as on the date of demise.

Critical Illness Cover: The mortgage temporary insurance can also be added with critical illness cover to cover terminally ill conditions. They pay a lump sum if the policy holder during the term of the insurance policies is diagnosed with a disease which is serious and can lead to death. They include conditions like cancer, heart attack, stroke and complete loss of independence.

you can also get add-on policy on a little more premium; the options can be income protection, family protection, Inheritance protection etc.

Rival Companies

NFU Mutual competes with the newer insurance companies like Direct Life Mortgage insurance and Saga Mortgage Insurance.

Review of NFU mutual Joint Mortgage Protection

NFU mutual insurance has many reviews about their other products like pet, and home insurance but unfortunately there is no current review on joint mortgage protection on link. You can easily read other insurance reviews and write about the NFU mortgage protection on link .

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