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Tesco Joint Mortgage Protection

Tesco offer a wide range of personal and family protection insurance plans. They are considered some of the most comprehensive and competitively priced in the UK.

Joint mortgage protection is one of their most popular policies. To find your best policy complete the short form on the right and we will get to work and save you time and money.

Any obligation or outstanding mortgage debt needs proper level of protection to avoid get into financial trouble that may arise due to unforeseen circumstances. Mortgage protection insurance helps in covering the debt of the policy holder. Tesco joint mortgage protection is the ideal choice of insurance policy that offers more than a mere life insurance and mortgage protection insurance. It covers the life of the policy holder and pays for the outstanding mortgage debt. The insurance premium amount is obviously cheaper because the actual pay-out decreases with the actual balance of mortgage debt.

About Tesco Mortgage Protection

Tesco emerged in the year 1919 and gradually it has developed into the UKs largest and one of the leading retails. Tesco has affiliated with Royal Bank of Scotland in the year 2004 and Tesco Bank was emerged. In addition to insurance products, Tesco offers a range of foreign exchange services, loans and banking services.

Types of Mortgage protection:

Mortgage protection is extended with two types of life cover and includes the following:

Level Cover: It covers the life of the policy holder and compensates the loss through financial support to the family by paying a lump sum amount towards paying off the mortgage debt and several other financial commitments. When the policy holder is diagnosed with any kind of terminal illness, the lump sum cash payment is made well before the death of the policy holder, subjected to the condition that the policy holder should have survived for minimum of 18 months after taking the policy. The mortgage insurance is covered and the lump sum amount is paid on death or terminal illness of the policy holder before the policy gets lapsed.

Decreasing cover: It is very similar to the life cover mortgage insurance except the condition that the premium payout gets decreased with the outstanding mortgage debt. The extent of coverage and lump sum payment on death of policy holder towards settling the mortgage loans also gets in line with the debt from time to time.

Rival Companies:

Insurance sector is highly competitive field in the United Kingdom and eventually, every insurance company is offering comprehensive insurance policies. Some of the competent of Tesco Mortgage protection include Good Fellows Mortgage protection, Pinnacle Mortgage Protection, Axa Mortgage protection, etc.

Review for Tesco Mortgage Protection:

Tesco mortgage protection has been rated 4 out of 5 stars at It is highly beneficial for the people who look forward to protect the future of family from sudden financial burden. link

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