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MoreThan Joint Mortgage Protection

MoreThan, a brand of Liverpool Victoria, offer a range of insurance plans including general insurance as well as life cover protection policies.

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MoreThan Joint Mortgage Protection is one of the beneficial and affordable mortgage cover offered for the joint mortgage holders which saves their future against unforeseen troublesome circumstances. Joint mortgage debt is shared by two persons on agreed percentage or share, where each person is liable to pay the agreed share of outstanding debt.

When the policy holder dies, MoreThan Joint Mortgage Protection pays the lump sum towards paying off the debt owed on clearing his or her share of joint mortgage debt.

About MoreThan Joint Mortgage Protection

MoreThan is one of the lately founded insurance companies founded in the year 2001. With in a short span of just 10 years, it managed to attract the customers by offering contemporary insurance solutions. The secret behind the success is meeting the exact demand of the people. Starting from life cover and car insurance, it extended the operations to offer contemporary and beneficial pet insurance, home insurance and travel insurance.

Types of Policies:

MoreThan Joint Mortgage Protection is a term life insurance offered for a specific period of time which lasts until the period of which the final mortgage payment is made. It is classified into level term joint mortgage and decreasing term joint mortgage protection. Term mortgage protection covers the life of the policy holder for the number of years specified in the mortgage protection insurance and a lump sum amount is paid, which is equivalent to the sum assured to the policy holder’s beneficiary when the policy holder die before expiry of the term. Moreover, even if the policy holder is diagnosed with terminal illness, a lump sum amount is paid to him directly before death encounters. The lump sum amount is paid towards paying the outstanding mortgage debt held liable by the policy holder. Decreasing joint mortgage cover is similar to a term protection except the amount of compensation paid on death or terminal illness varies with the reduction in the actual amount of debt owed by the policy holder.

Rival Companies of MoreThan Joint Mortgage Protection

The insurance market in the UK is quite vast and eventually there are few competitors for MoreThan Joint Mortgage Protection, which include Pinnacle joint mortgage protection, good fellows joint mortgage protection, Liverpool Victoria joint mortgage protection, etc.

Review of MoreThan Joint Mortgage Protection

There are no reviews, testimonials or user ratings on MoreThan Joint Mortgage Protection at However, if you wish to secure the future of the joint mortgage partner and the family without putting them in financial trouble, you have to opt for affordable and beneficial MoreThan Joint Mortgage Protection.

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