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RBS Joint Mortgage Protection

RBS offer a wide range of life insurance plans including one specifically to cover mortgage payments.

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It has become very common to obtain joint home loan or borrowings by mortgaging the property, where both the parties share the liability at agreed proportions or equally. If any one of the party fail to make his or her contribution towards mortgage payment, the other party is put into great trouble. RBS joint mortgage protection guarantees and helps the policy holder to pay for the mortgage payments and dues when any or either party of the joint mortgage are unable to make their payment to clear the mortgage debt.

About RBS joint mortgage protection

The Royal bank of Scotland is more popularly termed as RBS is one of the UKs major and Worlds renowned financial institutions with decades of successful history. RBS is functioning successfully with different affiliates in various countries with the ultimate goal of offering comprehensive solutions for banking, investment, savings, and insurance needs.

Types of Policies:

RBS joint mortgage protection can be classified into two types of mortgage cover namely mortgage payment protection cover and life mortgage cover. RBS joint mortgage payment protection insurance covers the income of policy holder and pays for the loss of income that occurs due to injury, loss of employment and illness. The loss of income undoubtedly lead towards failure in paying mortgage debt share, where the other party or partner of the joint mortgage suffer a lot with sudden rise of additional financial burden to pay off the monthly mortgage dues. Eventually, RBS joint mortgage payment protection can be obtained to assure and guarantee the payments against the loss of monthly income. RBS joint mortgage life protection covers the life of the policy holder and pays a lump sum amount to the partner of the joint mortgage when the policy holder dies without paying his or her contribution in full.

Rival Companies of RBS joint mortgage protection

Rivalries of RBS joint mortgage protection include Pru Joint mortgage protection, Aviva joint mortgage protection, HSBC joint mortgage protection, Barclays Joint mortgage protection, etc.

Review of RBS joint mortgage protection

RBS joint mortgage protection has yet to be reviewed by the users or beneficiaries of the policy holder. You can check for the user reviews and testimonials of the beneficiaries from the official website of the policy holder. The joint mortgage cover help the policy holder to pay for the outstanding due on mortgages both in case of loss of employment as well as death of policy holder.

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